Remote shoot

Shoot with me remotely from anywhere in the world!

If you’ve already tried it, you know it’s good!
If you haven’t tried it before, you should because it’s really different but a good shoot experiment.
In these years when travel is just a dream and private photo shoots are not possible with traveling models, we have to adapt to this situation and try to find the best possible solutions.
At first, I was skeptical about remote shoots but then I had the chance to work together with a great model who organized very professional remote shoots. I worked in the Netherlands to Israel, the USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries.
And it worked really well.
Now I’m collaborating with a studio and I can shoot remotely here in Hungary!

For booking:

Just drop me an email ( or a PM on IG (@fannymuller.model) and we can agree on the details.

How does it work?

I work in a big studio, with a good-quality camera. I have an assistant who helps me to set up the lights, change the background and the lens on the camera. We set up the camera to shoot tethered to a computer. The tethering software allows the camera settings (such as the focus, white balance, ISO, shutter speed etc.) to be fully controlled through the computer.

The photographer can control the computer in the studio where I work via screen sharing software. We use Teamviewer that you will need to download to your computer before our shooting. This software is free and really easy to use and it allows you to control my computer remotely. I prefer if I can communicate with the photographer via video (Facebook messenger, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or something). I think it’s more personal and much better if we can see each other and the photographer can look around the studio, can check the possibilities and the tools that we can use.

I love this personal atmosphere, it’s almost like a real photo shoot. The photographer can direct me via the video and ask my assistant to change the lenses, position of the camera etc. We send the raw files via WeTransfer or Dropbox (what the photographer prefers) on the same day.

What kinds of photo shoots are possible?

Fashion: we can agree on the style and dresses some days before the photo shoot
Glamour: lingerie, bodies, suits, stockings, blouses, transparent dresses, skirts
Portraits: basic makeup and hair (prepared by the model) or if you have any idea that you want to create,
I can work with a makeup artist/hair stylist for extra 30€.
Dance: ballet, modern, yoga, contemporary
Nude: implied nude, nude art, erotic art (not explicit nude)
Body art: nude acrobatics, yoga, ballet, dance


I recommend these unique opportunities if we’ve already had a remote shoot together. If we know each other better, we can use the technology easily and we have some experience in working together.
The price of the Extra sets is 20€ extra.

Aerial silk: I work hanging in the air with my black material
Aerial hoop: I have a big hoop with the help of which I can create unique poses in the air
Pole dance: I also practiced pole dancing, it’s also available in the studio
Bathroom: glamour and nude shoots are also possible in the beautiful bathroom, (milk bath with or without flowers is extra)


  1 hr 1,5 hr 2hr 3hr
Studio and assistant: 40€ 50€ 65€ 95€
Model: 80€ 120€ 155€ 210€

Additional fees for extra options:

-aerial and pole acrobatics +20€
-special MUAH +30€
-milk bath: +10€
-flower bath: +20€
-milk & flower bath: +25€

Full payment at the latest one day before the photo shoot.
PayPal, Bank transfer, transferwise

Technical background:

You can check the technical information on the website of the studio:


via email:
on IG: @fannymuller_model
or send a message here: