Working ethics

Working hours

My working hours are calculated from when I arrive at the location, to when I leave. If we are visiting multiple locations the transfer times between the locations are included in this time.
Minimum bookings start at 2 hours and half day bookings are 4 hrs. My full day is based on eight hours from arrival at location to leaving.
If the shoot runs over the agreed time or you would like to book extra time (if possible), I will charge over time in units of 30 minutes based on the originally agreed on fee.

Travel expenses

Bus, train:
From my accommodation to the location and back at the photographer’s expense.

By my car:
1 hour free of charge
after 1 hour: 15 Euro extra for each hour started

Breaks and lunch

Short breaks (for fixing makeup and hair, changing clothes, refreshment, food, using the toilet or heating up) are included in the booking time.
As you can see from my portfolio, I do a lot of acrobatic poses and shoots. If the shoot is particularly physically demanding (e.g. aerial acrobatics, pole dance, ballet, jumps, dance, etc.), I have to take breaks between sets and I need a small time for warming up before the work.
Also, please consider that I require food and drink during a longer shoot.
In the case of an all-day shoot, please let me know how we can arrange lunch, if there is a restaurant or shop nearby, if we can order in, or if I should prepare lunch for myself.

Cold and Safety

When you pick a location, please make sure it is safe to work there – this includes nudity in public spaces and shooting in extreme weather conditions.
Please be aware that I may refuse to enter a location or do a pose if I think it could damage my health (i.e. old location with asbestos or broken glass). I will strive to push myself to achieve the best but I don’t want to get hurt. I know what poses I can do on the hoop or the pole, not every dancer’s body works the same. I will find a pose for you that I can execute safely and perfectly.
If the shoot is somewhere cold, a warm drink is preferential as is a warm place to heat up between sets. Flexibility requires heat. I can’t do flexible acrobatic poses in cold places because it’s dangerous.
If you want me to shoot in a place that may be particularly cold please discuss it with me beforehand so we can see what arrangements can be made.

Shooting Etiquette

The photographer doesn’t touch the model during the shoot, especially if it is a shoot involving nudity. If a strand of hair or item of clothing is out of place, or you wish me to move a hand or arm, I much prefer for you to ask me to move it myself and not touch me unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do have to touch me, please ask first.
My limits are the art nude pictures. If a picture is too open (more than pubic hair is visible) or the pic is too vulgar, the photographer must delete and cannot use it. Unless we agree on how to make it usable.

Makeup and hair

Make up and hair time, whether done by a makeup artist or myself, is included in the booking time. I can do my own basic make up and hair on request well, but for more elaborate themes I recommend booking a professional make up artist and/or hairstylist. When I do my own make up and hair please allow 20 to 30 minutes. Normally the photographers need the same time to setup the lights and background.

Workshop/Model Sharing

In case more than 1 photographer will be present during the shoot, let me know beforehand because special conditions and rates apply.

Aerial acrobatics/Pole Dance

If we’re working with aerial silks/hoop/cube, or we are doing pole dance shoots, please let me know beforehand because special rates apply. I don’t do full nude aerial acrobatics poses on workshops.
At private shoot I will be happy to check the photos, and if I find the image too open, the photographer must delete it. We can repeat the pose from a different angle or with an outfit that covers more.


If you require for me to sign any sort of contract, please discuss it with me before the shoot, and send it to me beforehand, so I have time to read it through and we can agree in everything before the work.

Cancellation Policy

I always prefer to reschedule than to cancel.
Cancellations within 7 days are subject to 100% cancellation fee.

After the shoot

I love seeing the results of our shoot , so please feel free to share the images with me! If you’re unsure about which hand or foot position is the right one for a dance move, feel free to ask me. I find it much more professional if the photographer asks me which pose is better than if he posts a photo with an incorrect pointe or hand position.
When I share our image on my social media , I always credit the entire team. If you want to be credited under a certain name, make sure to include this.
By confirming a shoot with me, you agree to these conditions.

If you have any questions about my working ethics, please don’t hesitate to ask! I am happy to explain or elaborate on the way I work.
I look forward to working with you!